Petunia Growing Information

Most Petunia varieties are available as both raw and pelleted seed. Pelleted seed takes a little longer time (1-2 days) to germinate compared to raw seed and requires more initial moisture.

Pelleted seed is easier to handle especially when using seed sowing machines.

Germinate seed in a loose, sterile, well draining media, preferably an imported peat, with a minimum media depth of 5-6 cm. If sowing in a seed tray, seed should be sown 0.5 cm. apart on the surface of the media and in rows 5 cms. apart. If sowing seed in Plug trays use a 288 plastic tray.

Seed must be sown on the surface of the media and MUST NOT BE COVERED.

Spray the peat media after sowing with Previcur-N (Previcur-N = Propamocarb hydrochloride) to prevent damping off disease at the rate of 1cc. Prevacure to 1 liter of water and allow to soak into the upper level of the media.

Seed & Crop information :

Seed Count : approximately 10,000 raw seeds per gram.

Available as raw and pelleted seed.

Time from sowing to transplanting : 25-30 days.

Time from transplanting to first flower : 35-45 days.

STAGE 1 (4-5 DAYS)

STAGE 2 (5-8 DAYS)

STAGE 3 (8-12 DAYS)

STAGE 4 (12-30 DAYS)

Growth Stage Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4

pH : 5.5-5.8

At the end of stage 1, the roots of the seedlings should be 0.5-0.75 cms. long and the cotyledons will have started to emerge. At the end of stage 2, the roots should be 1.25-2.0 cms. long and the first true leaves should be emerging. At the end of stage 3, the roots should be over 2.5 cms. long and well branched. There should be 2-3 sets of true leaves present. At the end of stage 4, the Petunia plug should have an active root system that binds the media together. so that, the whole plug can easily be removed from the tray without loosing roots of media.
Moisture Sow seed on saturated media. When media is lightly touched, water should be observed on the top surface. Reduce moisture level to encourage roots to penetrated the media. Media should be moist to touch but not saturated. Alternate between moisture level 4 and 2 to avoid disease. Alternate between moisture level 4 and 2 to avoid disease.
Growing Environment Sow under 70% plastic shade net. Keep under 50% plastic shade net. No shading required. No shading required.
Lighting Light is essential for good germination. 10-100 foot candles (100-1,000 lux). Do not try to germinate Petunia seed in darkness. Light 1,000-2,500 foot candles. (10,000-25,000 lux) Normal light. (Full sun) Normal light. (Full sun)
Media Temperature 22-24 degrees centigrade. Temp. 20-24 degrees centigrade. Temp. 18-21 degrees centigrade. Temp. 16-18 degrees centigrade is ideal.
Fertilizer No fertilizer Use a nitrate based fertilizer at about 50-75 ppm. Use a nitrate based fertilizer at about 75-100 ppm. Use a nitrate based fertilizer at about 75-100 ppm.
Meida EC

(Electro Conductivity)

EC< 0.75 mS/cm. EC< 0.75 mS/cm. EC 0.75-1.0 mS/cm. EC 0.75-1.0 mS/cm.