AmeriSeed was formed in 1982 and is an International specialized plant genetics, breeding and production company supplying Flower and Vegetable seeds to grower markets worldwide.

Varieties are specifically bred to withstand extreme heat, humidity and disease. American Marigold breeding ranges from dwarf and semi dwarf varieties to tall, cut flower types.

AmeriSeed also breeds award winning Vinca, Zinnia, Torenia and Petunia varieties with extreme heat tolerance.

Products are ideally suited to pot, bedding, landscape and cut flower production. Extensive research trials provide our customers with technical growing information. Seed is cleaned, graded and tested for germination and vigor before being packed and exported.

Seed Technology



Natural Seed: High quality, non treated seed.
Chemical Treated Seed: Seed treated with a fungicide for disease protection, increased germination & enhanced seedling survival.
De-Tailed/Bob-Tailed Seed: Seed with tails partially removed for improved handling and sowing.
Coated Seed: Polymer coated seed for easy handling, inspection and sowing.
Primed Seed: Seed with more even emergence producing uniform seedlings.
Rubbed Seed: Natural seeds passed through a rubbing process to remove seed coat & hair improving germination and reducing seed born disease.
Multipelleted Seed: 3-6 seeds within a pelleted shell.
Pelleted Seed: Small seeds encased in a pelleted shell to provide easy sowing & enhanced visibility.

“AmeriSeed” Terms of Business

Seed sold by AmeriSeed is sold with the following terms and conditions

  • Prices are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice. Prices are exclusive of shipping, phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin, insurance and any other costs associated with shipping of seed.
  • Discounts are offered based on previous calendar years purchasing as per the table below:


All claims must be made in writing within thirty (30) days of invoice date. If a claim is received outside this period, all rights shall be deemed to have been waived.

Seed must be returned in unopened original packets.

  • Payment is due in accordance with terms specified on invoice and proforma invoice.
  • All cultural and descriptive information provided by “AmeriSeed” is for use as a guide only. All information in catalogs or pamphlets is based on “AmeriSeed’s” experience and regional trials.

“AmeriSeed” will not accept any liability for results that may occur due to climatic conditions, growing conditions or any other factors.



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