Zinnia Growing Information

Zinnias can be either direct sown in to the fial container or started in plug trays.

Zinnia seed is large. We suggest using a plug tray of 128 cells per tray, not the normal 288 cells tray.

Seeds & Crop information :

Seed Count : approximately 100-300 seeds per gram.

Available as raw seed.

Time from sowing to transplanting : 15-20 days.

Time from transplanting to first flower : 15-30 days.

STAGE 1 (3-5 DAYS)

STAGE 2 (5-7 DAYS)

STAGE 3 (7-10 DAYS)

 STAGE 4 (10-15 DAYS)

Growth Stage  Stage 1 Stage 2  Stage 3  Stage 4

pH : 5.8-6.0

At the end of Stage 1, germination is complete, the radicle will have emerged and roots are beginning to form. At the end of Stage 2, The roots are developing, a stem is present and the cotyledons have expanded. At the end of Stage 3, the roots should be penetrating the plug cell and the first true leaves have developed. At the end of Stage 4, the roots should hold the plug mass together easily. The shoots should have 2-3 sets of ture leaves. Level 2**
 Moisture Seeds should be covered with a light layer of peat moss to maintain moisture levels. Media should be moist to the touch but not saturated. Maintain the media on the dry side. When lightly touched, a minimal amount of moisture should be sensed. Level 2** Level 2** Level 2**
 Growing Environment Under 70% plastic shade net. Full sun Full sun Full sun
 Lighting Light is not necessary for germination to occur. Full sun Refer Stage 2. Normal light (full sun)
 Media Temperature 21-24 degrees centigrade. 18-20 degrees centigrade. 18-20 degrees centigrade. 17-18 degrees centigrade.
 Fertilizer No fertilizer Feed established seedlings at 50-75 ppm nitrogen every 2-3 waterings with a calcium-based fertilizer. Refer stage 2. Increase rate to 100 ppm nitrogen Refer stage 3
 Media EC

(Electro Conductivity)

EC<0.5 EC 0.5-0.75 EC 0.5-0.75 EC 0.5-0.75