Torenia Vertigo | Starting 2022 with a Win

AmeriSeed went into the new year with smiles all around after receiving news that our Torenia Vertigo Deep Blue F1 was selected as the All American Selections (AAS) 2022 Ornamental Winner.

The Seeds of Happiness


Cornell Annual Flower Trials 2020

Zinnia Holi Orange – Top Performer!

California Spring Trials 2020

California Spring Trials 2020 AmeriSeed is exhibiting at The Speedling Facility in San Juan Bautista. 28th Mar - 1st Apr 2020


There are orphans and underprivileged children in hills around Northern Thailand. These children are in need of food, clothing, medicine, blankets and education materials, books, pencils, pens etc. Every child has their own dream and needs educational opportunities.These children would like to have a better life, but their living standards and status has deprived them of educational opportunities.

Hibiscus Growing information

Germination : Media Use a well-drained, disease-free, soilless medium with a pH of 5.5 to 6.3 and a medium initial nutrient charge (EC 0.75 mmhos/cm with a 1:2 extraction). Plug Tray Size The recommended size is 200-cell or larger plug.

Petunia Growing Information

Most Petunia varieties are available as both raw and pelleted seed. Pelleted seed takes a little longer time (1-2 days) to germinate compared to raw seed and requires more initial moisture.

Zinnia Growing Information

Zinnias can be either direct sown in to the final container or started in plug trays. Zinnia seed is large. We suggest using a plug tray of 128 cells per tray, not the normal 288 cells tray. Seeds & Crop information : Seed Count : approximately 100-300 seeds per gram. Available as raw seed. Time from sowing to transplanting : 15-20 days. Time from transplanting to first flower : 15-30 days.

Viola Growing Information

Viola Growing Information Seeds & Crop information : Seed Count : approximately 700-800 raw seeds per gram. Time from sowing to transplanting : 25-30 days Time from transplanting to first flower : 35-45 days
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