AAS-All American selection winner

QUACK QUACK! There’s a new Marigold on the pond

Marigold-Big Duck Gold was crowned a 2019 AAS winner.

The First Marigold F1 Winner for 8 years.


“Marigold-Big Duck” Gold Bred by

AmeriSeed under Tropical High Heat and Humidity in Thailand.

Comments from AAS Judges :-


  • “In the garden, this entry outshow all three of its competitors and I feel it should be an award winner.”
  • “At the end of the season, the entry is the only one standing! The comparisons have all flowered out, or died!”
  • “Entry plants were still producing an excellent display of flowers long after the comparisons were showing reduced flower production and more spent blooms.”
  • “Entry is taller than the more compact comparisons, has a large flower head and outlived all the comparisons.”
  • “At the end of the season, most of the comparisons died but the entry is still doing great overall, is much taller and fuller, with more and bigger flowers.”