Vinca Growing Information

Growing Information:

A Native to India, Vinca is extremely heat and drought tolerant.

Sow to Transplant : 25-30 days

First Flowers : 335-40 days after transplant. 

Types of Vinca :

1. Hanging – Trailing Type

Mediterranean Series                                                                                                                                                                        

A very popular series of trailing Vinca. The lush, free-flowering plants bloom early with an extensive color range. Outstanding tin sunny, hot and dry conditions. “Mediterranean” vigorous basal branching and blooms with overlapping petals.

2. Pot – Upright Type


MEGA BLOOM was bred by “AMERISEED” and has enormous flowers of up to 8 cms. in diameter. MEGA BLOOM has fast and high germination and has the best heat and disease tolerance of all Vinca varieties.

TROPIC Series 

With its wide range of colors and a compact bushy habit, “Tropic” has been the choice Open Pollinated (OP) variety for most growers in Asia. “TROPIC” is suitable for regions with warm climates for both lowland and highland areas. “Tropic” is early flowering with medium sized flowers and is suitable for bedding and landscapes.


A good Hybrid Vinca, “King Kong” has reasonable heat, cold and disease tolerance. Plants are compact and uniform. Early to flower with good seed quality and germination.

Sowing Technique

Vinca seeds are black. Mix seed with white baby/ talcum powder so you can see the seeds sown on dark media.

Sow using a 200 or 288 hole plug tray. Use peat moss sowing media.


Sowing Media

Tray 200 - 288

Plug Fertilizer

Why use a plug tray?

Plug trays help produce a vigorous seedling with a good root ball allowing easy transplanting.

How to sow

1. Mixed seeds with white baby powder/ talcum

2. Add water to media, wet, but not saturated (Level 4)

3. Spread media over the tray but do not compress into the holes

4. Make a 0.5 cm. impression in the media in each hole.

5. Place one seed in the center of each depression

6. Lightly cover seeds with fine media

7. Spray a fungicide to prevent damping off cause by Pythium

Plug Stage


Stage 1 (3-4 days)

Stage2 ( 4-7 days)

Stage 3 (7-12 days)

Stage 4 (12-30 days)

step Stage1 Stage2 Stage3 Stage4
Days 3-4 Days 4-7 Days  7-12Days  12-30 Days
 pH  5.5 – 5.8


 Fertilizer  No fertilizer is

required at this


 No fertilizer is

required at this


Feed 15-0-0 66

gram per100 Liter of


Feed 15-0-0 66

gram per100 Liter of


 Water/Irrigation  Mist  Mist  Fine Spray  Fine Spray


 20-25 ํC  21-25 ํC
 Growing Environment  Keep under 70%

shade net

 Keep under 50%

shade net

 No shading


 No shading


 Moisture  Medium  Medium  Medium  Medium

 Transplanting stage

Pots – 3-4 weeks after sowing when there is a good root ball holding the media together.

Media Preparation

Media pH 7.0 and free of weed seeds, soil borne disease and insect contamination.


Cocopeat 180 Liter
Sand 60 Liter
Dolomite 500 grams
Slow- release fertilizer (SRF) 250 grams
Ferrous Sulphate 500 grams


** Soak Cocopeat in water for 1 night to reduce the EC / salt content **

Transplanting Information Irrigate

irrigate once a day in early morning irrigation. Allow media surface to dry slightly to improve rooting. When flowers appear do not allow irrigation water to contact petals.

Liquid Fertilizer after Transplanting :

Optimal N-P-K ratio 2:1:3

Do not use Ammonium based Nitrogen fertilizers, as this type of Nitrogen allows the plant to strech and become too “LUSH”.Use Nitrate based Nitrogen Fertilizers.

Fertilizer Method

1. Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid Fertilizer Liquid Fertilizer 

(rate per 100 liter of water)

 N : P: K  Quantity   Timing
 15-0-0 (Calcium Nitrate)  70 Grams  Once a day for 6 days.
 0-52-34 (Mono Potassium Phosphate)  33 Grams  days 7 only use water …
 13-0-46 (Potassium Nitrate)  35 Grams  to flush out accumulated salts
 Ferrous Sulphate  10 Grams
 Micronutrient  As per label instruction


 2. Granular Fertilizer

Apply 1 – 2 times per week around the outer adge of the pot. do not allow granules touch the plant.

Tips: Apply fertilizer 1 week after transplant and cover with media to prevent volatilization

Granular Fertilizer

N : P : K Quantity Timing
15-15-15 2.5 grams/pot Apply twice a week

from first week after transplant

to flower bud formation

13-13-21 (High Potassium) 5 grams/pot Apply 1-2 times a week

from flower bud formation

 Pinching Tips

Pinching helps produce bushier plants with more flowers. Pinch one for upright types. Pinch twice for Trailing types.

First pinching : (Pot & Trailing) 15 days after transplant at 2-3 true leaf stage.

Second pinching : (Trailing) 30 days after 1st pinch.

Before First pinching

After first pinching

Plant form for second pinching

Yellow Leaves

Yellow Leaves :

Iron deficiency is a common cause of yellow leaves (interveinal chlorosis). Apply ferrous sulphate 2.5 gram mixed with 1 liter of water. Apply 100- 150 cc. to the media around the plant avoiding direct contact with leaves.

Pest and Disease

Disease : Phytophthora Stem Blight + Root Rot
Pythium Root Rot
Leaf spot diseases
Rhizoetonia Stem + Root Rot
Gray mould (Botrytis Blight)
Black Root Rot
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV)
See :

Pest : Thrips, Red Spider Mite