Petunia Grandis

The early flowering, naturally dwarf “Grandis series”” combines huge flowers with a unique genetically dwarf plant habit. Does not require any growth regulators (GR).

Germination (Days) Sowing to transplanting (Days) Transplanting to 1st flowering (Days) Flower size Plant height Plant width
4-5 25-30 30-35 8-9 15-25 25-30


PET200 Petunia Mix

PET201 Petunia Blue

PET202 Petunia Rose

PET203 Petunia Deep Purple

PET204 Petunia Purple

PET205 Petunia Violet

PET206 Petunia Salmon

PET207 Petunia White

PET208 Petunia Burgundy

PET209 Petunia Peach

PET219 Petunia Plum

PET233 Petunia Pink Morn

PET234 Petunia Red

PET235 Petunia Red Vein

PET236 Petunia Rose Morn

PET237 Petunia Rose Vein

PET238 Petunia Salmon Morn

PET239 Petunia Sweet Pink