Pansy Smile

Medium flower sized Pansies with 19 attractive colors that will be sure to put a smile on your face. A Compact and bushy plant habit with early flowering and continuous blooming with peduncles that do not

Germination (Days) Sowing to transplanting (Days) Transplanting to 1st flowering (Days) Flower size Plant height Plant width
4-5 25-30 40-50 7-8 20-25 15-20


PAN210 Pansy Red Blotch

PAN253 Pansy Smile Porcelain Blue Shades

PAN272 Pansy Smile White Blotch

PAN278 Pansy Smile Beaconsfield

PAN279 Pansy Smile Blue Blotch

PAN281 Pansy Smile Clear Blue

PAN284 Pansy Smile Yellow

PAN285 Pansy Smile Yellow Blotch