Hibiscus Newmoon

Hibiscus New moon is available as 3 distinct colours including the deepest red ever introduced, Honeymoon is a truly eyecatching variety with real shelf appeal. It creates a naturally well branched plant, reaching 2 – 2½ feet which is ideal for large containers or for planting out directly in the Tip : “”Disco Belle”” increasing daylength (14-16 hrs.) will promote early flowering garden. New moon is a very heat tolerant variety and will enjoy a sunny spot in the garden. Hibiscus responds very well to growth regulators, and with the correct programme will make a very saleable, bushy, flowering plant in as little as 14 weeks from sowing.

Germination (Days) Sowing to transplanting (Days) Transplanting to 1st flowering (Days) Flower size Plant height Plant width
5-7 25-30 60-70 15-20  60-80 50-60


HIB040 ชบา นิวมูน มิกซ์

HIB041 ชบา นิวมูน ดีพเรด

HIB042 ชบา นิวมูน ไวท์

HIB043 ชบา นิวมูน ไลค์โรส