Celosia Century

Very large, long plumes, bright colors. Suitable for large scale outdoor cutflower production and landscaping.

• Extra early and easy to cultivate.
• Produces large plumes measuring 20 cms. in height on strong stems
with sturdy branching.
• Suitable for cut-flowers, semi-tall flower-beds, and large containers.
• Can be used for commercial cut flowers with tight spacing culture.

Germination (Days) Sowing to transplanting (Days) Transplanting to 1st flowering (Days) Flower size Plant height Plant width
3-5 20-25 30-35 25-30  40-45 20-25


CEL110 Century Mix

CEL111 Century Fire

CEL112 Century Red

CEL113 Century Rose

CEL114 Century Yellow

CEL115 Century Apricot