Alyssum Perfume

“Angelina” is a dwarf Angelonia suitable for bedding and pot plants
Less to no PGRS needed for cost savings. be used. Like all Angelonia,
Angelina grows very well in hot and humid conditions.
*** Heat Tolerant / Drought Tolerant / Low Maintenance Suggested bedding plant spacing : 20 cms.

Germination (Days) Sowing to transplanting (Days) Transplanting to 1st flowering (Days) Flower size Plant height Plant width
4-5 25-30 55-60 8-12  30-35 30-35


ALY010 Perfume Mix

ALY011 Perfume Pink

ALY012 Perfume Rose

ALY013 Perfume Lavender

ALY014 Perfume Melon

ALY015 Perfume Peach

ALY016 Perfume Violet

ALY017 Perfume White