Zinnia Heaven

Zinnia elegans


Excellent for bedding or as cut flower. Bright colors with
fully double flowers. Strong and sturdy stems.

  • “Heaven” is a prolific bloomer producing large PomPom
    flowers on long sturdy stems
  • Seedling blight resistant and high yielding, “Heaven” is
    ideal for commercial cut flower production

Harvesting : When flowers are almost fully open.
Tips : Zinnia requires long day length (14 hrs.) and cool
temperatures for superior quality flowers.

General Information
Germination : 5-7 days
Sowing t transplant : 15-20 days
Transplant to 1st flower : 60-75 days
Flower size : 8-10 cms.
Plant height : 80-90 cms.
Plant width : 40-50 cms.
Spacing : 30×30 cms.


ZIN 180 Mix

ZIN 181 Carmine

ZIN 182 Golden Yellow

ZIN 184 Pink

ZIN 185 Salmon

ZIN 186 Scarlet

ZIN 187 White