Golf Statice

Dense sprays of small, papery blooms on stiff stems.
Easy to grow and drought tolerant.

Harvesting :
When 80% of the spike is fully open.
Do not cut too early as stems may be weak.

Tips : Optimum growing temperatures,
Day : 13-16 ํC, Night : 10-13 ํC.
Statice needs low moisture and fertilizer to avoid weak,
thin stems, flower abortion and disease.

General Information
Germination : 5-7 days
Sowing to transplanting : 25-30 days
Transplanting to 1 st flower : 120-140 days
Flower size :0.5-1 cms.
Plant height : 80-90 cms.
Plant width : 30-40 cms.


STA010 Mix

STA011 Dark Blue

STA013 Yellow

STA014 White

STA015 Rose

STA016 Apricot

STA017 Purple