Celosia Havana

One of the best cockcombs for cut flower production.
Strong and sturdy stems with very uniform combs. Under hot conditions “Havana” keeps its bright colors.

• High quality cut flower
• Very uniform growth pattern
• Dense plantings produce strong stems
• Produces large, uniform, globe shaped flower heads
• Highly suitable for cut flower during periods of high

Harvesting : When combs are full and fresh.
Tips : Pinch small flowers off side shoots to retain a good
first flower. The size of the comb is determined by plant

General Information

Germination : 3-5 days
Sowing to transplanting : 20-25 days
Transplanting to 1st flower : 55-60 days
Flower size : 13-15 cms.
Plant height : 60-75 cms.
Plant width : 15-20 cms.
Spacing : 15×15 cms.


CEL071 Gold

CEL072 Rose

CEL073 Fire

CEL074 Persimmon

CEL075 Carmine

CEL076 Red