Aster Matsumoto

Callistephus chinensis

“Matsumoto” is an Aster type with semi double flowers. Plants are tolerant to Fusarium. Strong and sturdy stems. Available in many colors.

Harvesting : 
Cut stems when 2-3 flowers are 1/4 open.

Tip :

Under short days (8-10 hours) provide 4 hours of supplemental lighting for 3 weeks from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the 5th true leaf stage and then apply short day conditions (<12 hours). If plants are too short, maintain lighting for longer than 3 weeks to add height and delay flowering.

General  Information
Germination : 5-7 days
Sowing to transplanting : 25-30 days
Transplanting to 1st flower : 105-115 days
Fruit size : 5-6 cms.
Plant high : 60-75 cms.
Plant width : 20-25 cms.


AST050 Mix

AST045 Yellow

AST046 White

AST047 Scarlet

AST049 Rose

AST051 Apricot

AST052 Blue

AST053 Blue Tipped White

AST056 Light Blue

AST057 Pink

AST059 Red