Trailing Petunia F1 Hotunia Radiance

HOTUNIA “RADIANCE” is the first Trailing Petunia F1 to be bred and produced under Tropical, Hot & Humid conditions. A Heat Lover with good disease tolerance.

HOTUNIA “RADIANCE” has a mounding plant habit with large flowers in 11 colors. Heat loving and disease tolerant

Growing Information

Germination rate : 85%
Germination : 5-6 days
Sowing to transplant : 25-30 days
Transplant to 1st flower
Short day length : 40-45 days
Long day length : 35-40 days
Flower size : 6-7 cm. / 2-2.5 in.
Plant height : 15-20 cm. / 6-8 in.
Plant width : 75-90 cm. / 29-35 in.


PET152 Blue

PET153 Salmon morn

PET154 Pink

PET155 Pink Morn

PET156 Lilac

PET157 Purple

PET158 Red

PET159 Salmon

PET160 Grape

PET161 Neon Rose

PET162 White

PET150 Mix