Marigold F1 Big Ducks

A natural, semi-dwarf variety with huge double flowers. “Big Ducks” are beauties on their own or grouped in large pots,beds and landscape situations. The flowering plants offer a spectacular “Carpet-Like” view. “Big Ducks” are extremely heat tolerant.

Semi Dwarf : Pot and Bedding Types

General Information

Germination rate :85%
Germination :3-5 days
Sowing to transplant :15-20 days
Transplant to 1st flower :30-35 days
Flower size :7-8 cm. / 2.5-3 in.
Plant height :30-40 cm. / 12-16 in.
Plant width :25-30 cm. / 10-12 in.


MAR346 Big Duck Yellow

MAR347 Big Duck Orange

MAR348 Big Duck Gold