The 2017 AmeriSeed Annual Asian Trial –Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

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Our Theme;     “The Year of the Duck”.
This year The Major introductions centered around Ameriseed's "Little Duck Yellow and Orange F1 Marigolds"   and also included experimental “Big Duck F1 Marigolds”. 
The "Little Ducks" have already received The 2016 Colorado State trials class award and seed is now available.

The Trials also focused on other AMGENE varieties, Vinca Mega Bloom and Mega Flow were on display including additions and improvements to each series.
Mega Bloom now has a Dark Red and Mega Flow an Apricot.

Hotunia Radiance Series, the most heat resistant Petunia, now has an improved Lilac color.

Ameriseed's brand new F1 experimental Zinnia was on display and seed of the first color, Scarlet, will be available end of 2017.

Visiting customers comments were very positive mentioning that this years trials were simple and clear, giving them the ability to make informed varietal choices for future commercial flower production.