Why Choose AmeriSeed ?

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How do you guarantee the flower seeds you brought are good quality?

At AmeriSeed, seeds quality is our important policy.  We process every step to maintain seed quality before distribute to our suppliers and customers through some rigorous processes as following:


1. Inspect seed production by checking its weight, accuracy of seeds and various contaminants before passing to the next process.



                                                           high quality seeds                       dirt

2. Remove  dirts out of the seeds by using Air Separator without damaging the seeds. This method is used widely in leading international seed companies.



3. Check moisture by using a moisture meter for maintaining a proper keeping time for seeds with constant quality. If any seed has high moisture capacity, they would be sent to drying process. The dehumidifier is widely used in high-performance overseas seed companies.



4. Check the germination of seeds from each of our source.  It is necessary for the seeds to meet the germination percentage of the company's standards before moving to packing process.  Each seed will be regularly checked for the germination depending on the breed and age of the seeds to maintain  good quality for seeds.


4.1 Detect for any disease that is contaminated in seeds by using Blotter Method which is required to be done by specialized operating officers.



4.2 Check the strength of the seeds on planning materials by counting the number of growth seedlings.



4.3 Testing plant species in experimental beddings for checking the validity of the species from tree canopy, trunk, flower color, flower size, etc.  This process is to ensure good seeds quality before delivery to our suppliers and customers.



5. Packing seeds in AmeriSeed seal freud packages to prevent moisture and light before store them at our storage with a proper temperature and humidity.