How to Grow

Helianthus Growing Information

Helianthus "Sunflowers" usually have large flower heads. The petals are typically bright yellow.They Typically grow to between three and a half and one and a half meters

Hibiscus Growing information

Hibiscus have very good basal branching habits bearing numerous large sized flowers. Early flowering and excellent for growing the whole year round.

Ammi Growing Information

Ammi majus 'Queen of Africa' a highly fashionable flower for cut flower arrangements, tall, branching flower, with finely divided, feathery foliage.

Lisianthus Growing Information

The popularity of Lisianthus as a cutflower worldwide has increased dramatically over the past decade.

Zinnia Growing Information

Zinnias originally came from South America but have been traditionally grown in Asia for many years. Breeding and selection has resulted in superior performance and bright colors.

Vinca Growing Information

Vinca seeds are medium sized making them easy to handle and sow. Tray size 288 is most suitable for sowing use a fine layer....

Salvia Growing Information

Salvia is very popular flower variety used in gardens and parks and has a wide range of colors.